Julia Izmałkowa.

Julia Izmałkowa.

I believe that NOTHING is more important and practical than knowledge about human nature. You cannot create epic technology if you don't truly and deeply understand how the human mind works.

I am obsessively practical – so I'm an advocate of unlocking human knowledge first, when creating technology, service and brands – that are profitable, useful for people and have positive impact on society.

People THINK that they know how people think and act, but THINKING it is not the same as KNOWING. My mission and everyday job is to translate human behaviour and emotions into actions that span business and marketing.

For years I worked in global advertising agencies. I left because I wanted to do things that matter more that PowerPoint presentations. That’s why, everything I do - myself or in my company IZMALKOWA – I connect knowledge with meaning.

No meaning = no long term business. No knowledge = no innovation and no progress. I have been nominated for Most Charismatic Person in Business, Person of the Year and for the Business Woman of the year.

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